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Carlson’s most recent sculpture focuses on the parallel issues of communications and aesthetics….or the intersection of historic technology and the visual arts. He utilizes the evolution of language as the bases for apporpriated text, layering snipits of partial information and composes them together with formal, historical references.

These references include Latin and shorthand combined with the Inca Quipu, which uses knottedrope for its written language. Glass with its visual theatre offers the layering of subject matter crucial to this exploration. The combination of these intellectual sources are used in pursuit of an astetic experience that is charged by the potential of knowledge while focusing on the visual art as it’s entree.

Most Recent

“Its like art; it becomes suggestive, not literal, it’s evocative, not illustrative, it takes us to a place where language will never quite suffice. It’s shuffling, a freshening, a redistribution of visual and literal data that always invites wonder and speculation. And then there are the rope pieces…”  James Yood

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