Site Specific Installations

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Procellous Wall- Lowe Art Museum

Procellous Wall- Lowe Art Museum

With my public art opportunities I seek to address issues that will appeal to all types of audiences, the artistically informed, the general public and those individuals dealing with personal issues and academic research. Their discovery and interaction with the art determines its success. I work with many materials and find each project a unique challenge as the concepts become reality

Naranja Library

Naranja Library


Site Specific

My most recent commission creates a cast glass wall installation offering a sculpted passageway while walking from one gallery to another. With the movement of the sun during the day the piece continually evolves into a solar/time based experience. With evening illumination, the theatre of color and optical illusion plays with the viewer’s perception of the changing moments and redefinition of interior space.


Mitto, 2009
4’x24’x4”, cast glass and steel
Naranja Library, Naranja, FL
Miami-Dade County % for the Arts

Affinitas, 2005
14’x55’x4”, cast glass and steel
Weber Performing Art Building
University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN
MN % for the Arts

Affinitas incorporates Latin text carved into textured glass tiles. The piece references the prominence of Latin in historic scholarly works and are contrasted by the visceral power of the surface manipulation of the glass

Entrance Door, 2003
8’x6”x8”. Cast glass
Gold-Meyer Private Residence
Architect Rick Potestio
Portland, OR

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The Nature of Things, 2000
18’x60”x30’, limestone, granite, glass
Mayo Clinic Island Project
Jacksonville, FL

This installation is composed of simple, massive, geometric lime stone components and large crystal prisms overhead. The piece is activated when the sun and the prisms project the color spectrum throughout the site. The “Island” site was an unused area adjacent to the Clinic. The project now allows patients and visitors an escape from the regular lobby waiting area to enjoy a destination that is not strictly medical and located on a near by island.

Allele, 1997
17’x17’x6’, granite
University of Illinois, Molecular Biology Lab
Chicago, IL

IL % for the Arts, Capital Development Board
This sculpture is about incorporating a monumental abstracted granite construction, based on the founding premise of cell research, thus the title “Allele”.

Optional Refractions, 1984
14’x42’x8”, cast glass and steel
Chicago Board of Options Exchange
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Chicago, IL

In 1984 my first public art piece was a cast 42’ x 14’ glass wall in collaboration with Skidmore Owings and Merrill, Chicago, IL. This massive piece had to direct public commuters on one side and provide security for the Chicago Board of Options Exchange on the opposite side. The site was a restricted space yet active and while trying to maximize the perception of open architectural dimension we had to account for public movement.

The successful public artist is one whose best efforts opens the windows to a distinct visual experience. The artist must negotiate the genre of the architecture, the power of the aesthetics, the interests of generations of students and faculty working in the space. Public Art also must heighten awareness of the public interests with the power of art. Public Art should enlighten, inform, engage and challenge viewers. From the art savvy individual to the momentary visitor, the public art space is a unique experience for that location to share the artist’s creative event in the public domain.